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Job title

Academic Coordinator

Job Location

Turkey, Istanbul/ Esenyurt 

Reporting to

Vice Principals

Start Date


Net Salary Package


Length of the Contract

12 Months


Social Insurance, Basic Medical Insurance, Transportation, 75% discount on tuition


About the School:

A leading international school based in Istanbul, offering American Curriculum as our core educational program, Arabic and Turkish as additional languages. The international school is a multicultural center, welcoming students from different backgrounds and socio-economic demographics; as such, we promote inclusion, interaction and embracing diversity. We are an equal opportunities institution, ensuring that all students, staff and stakeholders are treated the same. We believe in a holistic approach to learning, helping our students absorb themselves in the culture of the subjects which they are learning, as well as take part in activities, educational visits and trips, sports and games and a wide range of creative and autonomous learning activities.

Job Overview:

We are seeking to hire an experienced and inspirational Academic Coordinator who will be required to work in a fast-paced environment with proven and effective leadership and management skills. Evidence of a strategic approach and philosophy to setting up and raising the status of a school and its academic, pastoral, sporting and co-curricular standards is required. Ability to initiate school systems and policies, design curriculum, recruit and select teaching staff, monitor and evaluate teachers’ performance, develop teachers’ capacity building program, develop students’ performance monitoring and evaluation system and establishing effective relationship with parents will be key characteristics as the school is new. Promoting interactive and digital learning environment of the school is one of the key responsibilities of the Academic Coordinator.  

Permanent Tasks and Responsibilities: 


1. Supervises the effective and efficient design and implementation of the educational and instructional programs in compliance with local regulations. 

2. Acts as a student advocate to ensure the rights of all students are respected and that all have equal access to the educational opportunities necessary to meet their needs and abilities. 

3. Exercises authority over the behavior and conduct of pupils, professional and nonprofessional staff. 

4. Prepares or supervises the creation of all reports, records, and other paperwork as required by the Vice Principal that may be appropriate to the school’s educational program. 

5. Plans and supervises parent/teacher conferences. 

6. Develops the school calendar and monthly activities in partnership with the Vice Principals and HOD.

7. Ensure to help a transparent and professional management of all school professional staff. 

8. Ensure that team members produce relevant weekly reports. 

Curriculum and instructions

1. Works with and engages staff in shared vision for effective teaching and learning by implementing a standards-based curriculum, relevant to student needs and interests, research-based effective practice, academic rigor, and high expectations for student learning in every classroom.

2. Involves teachers and parents in the development and implementation of required annual school plans to achieve pupil performance objectives, curriculum standards, and core course proficiencies together with the HOD.

3. Oversees the formulation, planning, and implementation of a staff development program for school personnel and directs the program within the school. Provides an articulated, consistent education for all students while encouraging staff to develop strategies, techniques and activities that reflect instructional diversity, alternatives and flexibility. 

4. Assisting the oversees the evaluation of instructional materials, including textbooks, computer programs, library/media acquisitions, and other instructional materials with HOD. 

5. Implements data guided decisions and instructions.   

Students Services 

1. Collaborates with other district administrators in the process of monitoring the progress of all students. 

2. Cooperates with staff in the planning and operation of the child study team and the delivery of the special education program. 

3. Maintains individual student records and reports of pupil progress.  

4. Implements registration, screening, placement, evaluation, promotion, and retention policies, and plans and implements graduation ceremonies. 

5. Administers to assist the organization, implementation and supervision of field trips and co-curricular activities. 

Professional Evaluation

1. Observe teachers in formal and informal fashion, giving feedback when appropriate. 

2. Perform quarterly and yearly evaluation for teachers. 

3. Maintain constant communication with teachers about classroom management, academic progress, and parental involvement. 

Essential Qualification: 

1. Master’s degree or higher in educational leadership, educational administration, educational sciences, social sciences, or another relevant field.

2. Leadership ability in school educational administration, curriculum development, program evaluation, staff development, school improvement, and staff supervision and evaluation. 

3. Strong understanding and experience with instruction, curriculum development, educational theories, arts education, and modern educational approaches.

4. Minimum four years working in different administrational positions in educational organization. 

5. Minimum four years working as a teacher. 

Required Skills and Competencies:

1. Commitment to creating a productive educational experience. 

2. Proven history in improving teacher performance. 

3. Strong management and administration skills. 

4. Being able to delegate tasks, provide constructive criticism, and communicate effectively.

5. Proven communication, interpersonal, representation, negotiation, promotion and diplomacy skills.

6. Ability to multi-task and cope with competing demands under tight deadlines. 

7. Ability to cope with high workload and stress. 

8. Strong initiative and self-motivated, with a commitment to teamwork. 

9. Flexible, enthusiastic and willingness to learn from others.

10. Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships in a multi-ethnic, multi- cultural and multi-disciplinary environment. 

11. An understanding of humanitarian/civil society issues in Turkey and the region.

12. Able to interpret policy, procedures, and data.  

Professional Growth

1. Uses evaluation for self-improvement; carries out individual improvement plan developed with the Head of Education. 

2. Maintains a high level of competence in the field of education, remaining current in issues related to areas of responsibility. 

3. Maintains a high level of personal integrity and a strong work ethic. 

Language Skills:

Fluency English, both written and verbal. Turkish or/and Arabic are an asset. 




Firma Sektörü:


Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 17.00

Çalışan Sayısı: