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Position Description

•    Support high level design & grooming 
•    Prepare low level design documents
•    Develop and implement solution. (Drawing simple flow chart, designing database model, Designing modules (methods, functions, procedures...), writing release notes & LLD documents)
•    Doing Unit tests, solving software defects, testing usability, scalability, performance, compatibility, reliability of software
•    Doing system integration testing 
•    Code review management 
•    Supporting Ops department for installing or maintaining the software product as long as required
•    Do the maintenance and 3rd level support of the products delivered, as long as required.
•    Together with Ops and Infrastructure teams, studies dimensioning for the systems in the domain based on the traffic forecast provided by the business unit
•    Ensure all products, services, solutions developed in line with Group and TR technology. 
•    Provide technical consultancy to stakeholders for related technologies, products, service features, overall system architecture and 3rd party systems and solutions,
•    Support and educate the Junior FTEs and 3rd Party resources in the team.
•    Lead & drive development activities within team
•    Working with partners to envision, define, and execute integrations of software into our customers software platform.
•    Research and implement new technologies to improve our time to market and service quality
•    Contribute creative ideas to the product development pipeline.
•    Spread the research results and know-how to the team.
•    Ensure that VF HSE&W procedures are implemented and works carried out in compliance with local HSE regulations.
•    Ensure that work associated risks are assessed and reduced so far as is reasonably practicable
•    Comply with VFTR’s information security policy, standards and procedures, available under Intranet / Corporate Security Library,
•    Report all suspected security and/or policy breaches, potential security risks to VF TR Corporate Security,
•    Protect VF TR’s information assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction or interference,
•    Protect user accounts and associated passwords, and accept accountability for any actions performed via usage of those accounts.
•    Ensure that VFTR  BCM policy /standard ,procedures ,plans  implemented and works carried out in compliance with   BS 25999 -2:2007  Standard 
•    Ensure that BCM  risks are assessed and mitigated  so far as is reasonably practicable in VFTR  Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
•    Ensure VTR BCMS by planning, establishing, embedding, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving within VFTR

Person Specification

•    Graduated from Eng. Departments of Universities with 
        degree in Programming, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management.
•    Good understanding of the Telecommunications Business
•    Strong understanding of software development process
•    Expertise on Object Oriented analysis, design and coding.
•    Relational Database Modeling and Processing
•    Strong technical background on Enterprise Application Integration and Order Management products, services and technologies.  Experience in Technical Product Management.
•    Good knowledge of the following technologies: Tibco BW, Tibco EMS, Tibco Administrator, Oracle, PL/SQL, Java, Shell Scripting, XML, SOAP, JSP, EJB, J2EE, Web Services, ,  Application Modelling Tools, Database Modelling Tools
•    At least 5 years of experience in areas above
•    Knowledge & experience in Agile methodologies.
•    Knowledge and experience in Microservices Architecture & Cloud Technologies is preferred.
•    Knowledge in DevOps methodologies, especially in integration domain is preferred.
•    Knowledge & contribution in Open Source Technologies is preferred. 
•    Experience in managing multiple projects and deadlines 
•    Entrepreneur skills
•    Strong business orientation with strategic and analytical skills
•    Excellent negotiation and communication skills
•    Strong interpersonal communication skills. 
•    Strong Presentation skills
•    Enjoys learning new things, likes sharing knowledge and feedbacks with colleagues.
•    Fluent in English

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