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Electronic Technician (Job Description) 


Our company is working in the field of mining and exploration servicesDuring the different mining stageswe are dealing with a collection of electronic devices that could be vulnerable to adventitious damages during operation on the fieldFor examplesuch these devices used extensively in the geophysical survey during the exploration stageOur company seeks qualified technician who possess the following abilities: 


Electronic Technician Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Install and assemble of electronic systems based on technical specifications. 
  • Repair and maintain electronic systems as needed. 
  • Operate power and manual tools safely to avoid accidents. 
  • Make cable and wiring connections accurately. 
  • Perform regular inspections and Preventative Maintenance to identify defects and replacements. 
  • Perform system testing to evaluate performance and functionality. 
  • Maintain inventory control of electronic components and tools. 
  • Maintain documentations of system installation and maintenance procedures. 
  • Coordinate with management to determine deadlines for the assigned tasks. 
  • Recommend upgrades and modifications to improve system performance. 
  • Develop prototypes for feasibility analysis and make product presentations. 
  • Understand drawingstechnical manuals and instructions for perform system installation activities. 
  • Update Software and Run Tests on Existing Equipment 
  • Mentor and guide other Technicians when required. 
  • Report completed and ongoing tasks to Supervisor on daily basis. 
  • Comfortable working in a team or independently. 
  • Strong manual dexterity. 
  • Work duties are performed in a combination office and field environments 
  • Field work is performed outdoors and may take place in inclement weather and extreme temperatures 
  • Both field and office work require occasional heavy lifting of survey equipment. 
  • Responsibilities may require an adjusted work schedulelong daysand evening/weekend hours in order to meet project deadlines 
  • Extensive travel may be required. 



  • two-year or more electronics degree / electronics engineering. 
  • Two years experience in the such field. 


Electronic Technician Skills and Qualifications  

  • Mechanical Skills – From reading wiring diagrams and schematics to using soldering equipment, electronic technicians possess a mechanical aptitude 
  • Computer Proficiency – Familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office applications, software installation, and programming is essential for this position 
  • Problem-Solving – It often takes several steps to diagnose a problem with an electronic component, so these technicians are versed in how to identify and provide solutions to electronic equipment issues and breakdowns 
  • Communication Skills – From submitting various reports to speaking with engineers, project managers, programmers and other technicians, strong oral and written communication skills are crucial 
  • Eye-hand Coordination – As they often work with small parts, such as circuits and wires, electronic technicians possess proficient eye-hand coordination to repair and install these components 
  • Organizational Skills – From keeping testing equipment in good working condition to maintaining accurate records and manuals, electronic technicians exhibit above-average organizational skills .

Skills and Special Requirements: 

  • Excellent proficiency in English(must). 
  • Demonstrated commitment to safety principles and protocols. 
  • Valid driver's license (preferable). 

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