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Entrepreneur in Residence for fast growing Tech Startup (Only for German Speaking applicants!) › Learn a lot/earn a lot

 This Job is not for everyone.

Help the Founding Team of Leadchamps (Ex Groupon / Airbnb) to push the Business into the next level of growth.

 We are looking for a person with strong business acumen, “can-do” attitude, as well as the passion and enthusiasm called for in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

 The Position

As an Entrepreneur in Residence, you will help Leadchamps to move into the next phase of growth working directly with CEO (Ex Groupon) and CTO from our Offices in Linz, Vienna or Istanbul. We liveNewWork, which means flexible working hours and remote work/work and travel is our mantra.

You will not only be exposed to B2B start-up strategy, but you will also get hands-on experience within business areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • HR
  • Leadership and Training
  • Customer Success
  • Operations & Processes

you name it - your ambitions are your only limit.

In true startup manner, you will end up tackling a lot of different subjects.

The first area we are looking for you to develop is Business Development for the Future Marketing and Sales Growth of the Business.

This means not only to Support C-Level in building a predictable funnel, but also tackling our new marketing efforts (Paid Social Ads, Video, Content), adjusting offerings, building a predictable machine that can grow under your command.

Your responsibilities

  • Work closely with our CEO to streamline sales & marketing funnels.
  • Establish new processes and workflows for the growing company (1st Area: Sales & Marketing Operations, 2nd Area: Paid Traffic & Ads).
  • Test, iterate and establish needed processes, manage suppliers & team members.

Your profile

  • Client-oriented A Level personality – You are motivated by helping and making a difference for other people and you have demonstrated that in the past.
  • A genuine interest in getting things done and moving things forward.Not on paper but in real life.
  • Experience in start-ups, Sales, Operations or Service Industry is preferred.
  • High reliability, great team player but also works independently.
  • You have a degree or are at least in your Masters Studies.
  • Eager to deliver results and go the extra mile – maybe you have proven that in competitive sports or your past positions.
  • Fluent in German & English. ( at least C1)


  • We are an experienced founding team with multi-year Start-up, IT & Sales experience
  • We are a highly engaged and motivated team with a flat hierarchy
  • We provide you with a high level of flexibility and entrepreneurial freedom
  • We will give you challenging tasks and support your personal development
  • Our offices are located in Vienna and Istanbul
  • We offer you a dynamic culture with extra benefits (for instance a contribution for Sport Clubs, flexible holiday planning, remote work)
  • International, multilingual team with an open mind to innovation and new ideas
  • We make sure that you look forward to coming to work every day!

The Company

We are a Sales Tech start-up with offices inLinz, Vienna and Istanbul. Our Solutions help B2B Companies to automate their Sales Process and to grow their businesses.

Each month we help our clients to create more compelling relationships and grow their business while keeping the human side in the focus.

 The people we help consist of well-known brands such asA1, Barracuda MSP and NTS, but also of the fastest growing start-ups and scale-ups such as Gastronovi, Pixelrunnerand many more.

The Current focus lies within the DACH Region.

Over the past 24 months, we have helped more than 100 Companies.

We believe in the principles ofself-reliance, trust, and NewWork. Our teams work remotely between our offices and independently with clear targets. The candidates we are looking for understand and embrace this methodology.

The CoFounders are coming from former leadership positions at Groupon, Airbnb and other international fast growing startup and love sharing and growing people.

 Do you want to learn? Do you want to become a founder yourself at some point?Here is your chance.




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Haftaiçi 09.00 - 18.00

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