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Overall Purpose of the Role:

The Security Manager is responsible for the physical security operations concerning company properties in Turkey. Based in Istanbul, the Security Manager reports to the Turkey Facility & Admin Director with Corporate security oversight and direction from the Regional Security Manager.  In this capacity, the Security Manager needs to have a strong operational approach in helping establish and implement appropriate security procedures and controls, maximizing the value of centralized services through the Regional Security Manager.  The Security Manager should be self-motivated and capable of managing in a diverse, political environment.  Travel, especially within country will be required on occasion.

Areas of Responsibility:

On a day to day basis, the Security Manager will work closely with and provide advice and support to Facilities, Security vendors and Office Managers located at all locations within Turkey.  A key requirement will be the development of strong relationships with facility heads and vendors.

The Security Manager assesses the risks and manages the physical security of facilities and the safety and security of other events and initiatives in country as directed by the Regional Security Manager.  As part of the country team, he/she works closely with, assists and supports other members of the team in delivering a responsive and effective security guidance as required whilst keeping the Regional Security Manager informed at all times.

Areas of Accountability:

Physical Security:

- Lead in the local assessment of all potential security risks at all facilities in Turkey, and provide  solutions and suggestions to appropriate controls to mitigate those risks.

- Ensure that the security of facilities in Turkey is effective and maintained at the highest level consistent with Company's Security Standards and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs). Liaise with landlords where central security control are required.

- Develop SOPs that are aligned to the type and size of facility and support facility support staff to implement and maintain effectiveness of protective controls.

- Provide the planning, engagement and oversight of security provision to all Anti-Piracy requirements in Turkey with guidance from the Regional Security Manager.

- Be aware of any change to the current threat levels and advise the Regional Security Manager if any additional control measures may be required.

- Deliver briefing and training packages to site employees in co-ordination with the Regional Security Manager.

- Deliver security projects as required to support the wider needs of the Regional Security Manager.

- Build relationships with local government stakeholders including the police and relevant internal security agencies

Crisis Management:

- Collaborate with facility staff to design bespoke incident (IM) and emergency plans (EM) for each facility.

- Lead on regular training and testing programmes to maintain preparedness at facility level.

- Fully understand how facilities escalate, communicate with and report incidents to the EMEA Security Control Centre (ESCC).

- Assist and advise facility staff during any emergency/crisis situation.

- Drive the uptake of the company Alerts/Global Emergency Notification System (GENS) across all facilities.

Business Continuity:

- Liaise with Regional Security Manager and Business Continuity Manager for awareness of site and business line plans.

- Ensure Security vendors have business continuity plans in place. 

Information Security:

- Understand information security procedures and ensure areas of responsibility have clear escalation procedures.

- Understand and support Data privacy.


- Prepare and provide a weekly security operations report to Regional Security Manager.

- Prepare and submit incident reports through the Company Incident Reporting Tool.

Budgetary control:

- Support the Regional Security Manager with local knowledge and expertise on vendor costs.

- Recommend any capital investment to site security technical systems where identified.

 Stakeholder Management:

- Collaborate with site stakeholders including security officers, FM and office managers to manage and maintain security provision to company standards.

- Develop strong relationships with Facility heads and their management teams.

- Liaise with approved vendors and ensure that specified duties are carried out, that contractual obligations are met and corporate standards are maintained. Recommend improvements and introduce new procedures as necessary.

-  Develop relationships with site landlords and local police.

Experience and Professional Qualifications Required:

- A proven background working in physical security, and operational security risk management.

- Strong operational approach conducting Dynamic Risk Assessments as well as implementing appropriate security plans and control measures.

- Experience of Country Travel Risk and Country Threat & Risk Assessments.

- Ability to engage, collaborate with and support Facility staff whilst delivering effective training programmes (induction, SOPs, emergency and incident management etc). 

- Experience of managing and monitoring security vendors.

- Strong project management skills.

- Vendor management experience including performance management of SLA/KPIs.

- Experience of conducting investigations.

- A strong service focus with the need to listen and understand the essential requirements of different client groups.

- Strong written and verbal English communication skills.

- A flexible approach to variable working hours/travel requirements.

- Experience of working in large matrix organisations where persuading and influencing decisions across multiple stakeholders is key to success.

Thinks Strategically:

- Develops clear and consistent plans to achieve the vision aligned with Regional Security Managers objectives.

- Provides operational plans from a broad perspective that have impact beyond immediate scope.

- Examines issues from a broad perspective, considering impact beyond immediate scope.

- Leverages synergy opportunities across functions and businesses.

Builds Relationships:

- Establishes critical internal & external alliances.

- Engages consistently and frequently through the Regional Security Manager to optimize performance.

- Manages the needs of diverse stakeholders in collaboration with the Regional Security Manager.

Communicates Effectively:

- Communicates effectively to broad audiences, ensuring consistency across Turkey aligned to Regional Security manager’s objectives.

- Obtains full engagement through inspiring communications

- Provides appropriate rationale and context to drive commitment.

- Effectively persuades others to support ideas and plans.

- Listens and asks questions to ensure understanding in meeting stakeholder needs

Drives Results:

- Develops, recommends & supports long term plans.

- Translates objectives into specific priorities and action plans.

- Manages projects, processes and resources to produce desired outcomes.



Firma Sektörü:


Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 09.00 - 18.00