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We are the number one make-up brand of Turkey with 21% market share. We compete in the markets of 93 countries in seven continents, primarily in developing markets.

We are a woman’s best friend with our fashionable and reliable make-up products. We welcome women into the creative world by providing them with colors and textures that will allow them to represent their style in the best manner. We believe that color is the core of the Flormar world. We devote ourselves to finding the trendiest colors to bring out the beauty in women. We believe that each color is an essential tool for expressing your culture and reflecting your emotions.


Founded in Milano, the capital of the fashion industry, Flormar was acquired by the Şenbay Family in the year 1970 and began production in Turkey. Flormar became an indispensable brand for women with its yearly production of 120 million units, as well as its wide range of products consisting of blushes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, accessories and skin care products.

Flormar, as one of the world’s leading make-up companies, also has a 21% share in the color cosmetics market of Turkey. Focusing on foreign operations since the year 2008, Flormar has covered a long distance in order to become a global brand with its 650 shops located in 250 cities in 93 countries.

Also one of the top 500 exporting companies in Turkey, Flormar provides added value to Turkey’s economy by reaching women across the world through its presence in over 40,000 retail outlets.

With its years of experience and expert staff, Flormar continues to push forward. In 2012, it signed a deal with Groupe Rocher, a leading brand worldwide, and passed on 51% of its shares. Flormar continues to grow over 20% on an annual basis, and it aims to maintain its consistent growth, aspiring to reach a retail sale value of 1.1 billion 100 million Turkish Liras by the year 2020.



  • Bachelors degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences or related fields,
  • 3-5 years of experience in particularly developing new product formulas/new technologies for personal care products, color cosmetic or other related industries,
  • Mastery of GMP and GLP rules,
  • Experience in the processes and equipment used in production,
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English,
  • Professional knowledge of MS Office applications,
  • Interest to learn new technical topics,
  • Basic knowledge of typical lab testing methods,
  • Experience in pilot batching and scale ups,
  • Strong ability to research and follow-up, successful time management, strong analysis and reporting skills,
  • Being a good team player with strong communication skills as well as a demonstrated ability to multitask and work within a matrix organizational structure,
  • No military obligation for male candidates.


  • Understand the physical/chemical drivers of product performance and interface with business partners to identify and deliver against unmet consumer needs,
  • Manage multiple projects that lead to productive outcomes either as a member or leader of any team,
  • To establish and maintain productive relationships with all functional groups within the R&D organization, as well as with NPD and Marketing,
  • To Conduct all formulation studies of new  products that are decided to be developed,
  • Prepare the project by conducting raw material and formulation researches for new product studies,
  • Carry out new product development activities for national and international markets,
  • To perform product improvement work,
  • To conduct risk based studies in process development and optimization,
  • To complete trial , scale up, pilot production, formulation and process validation studies.