System Specialist / Istanbul ETIYA

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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ETIYA is a global technology company with more than 1000 employees in 3 continents, developing AI-driven digital transformation applications, based on international standards and customer experience. 

ETIYA strengthens data-driven decision-making structures of organizations and helps them to take effective and agile actions by enabling all steps of the customer journey to be monitored and managed. 

ETIYA, which prioritizes organizations’ transition to customer value management; utilizes its capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Customer Management as a competition leverage and enables them to build a full-digital and sustainable business model. 

Having offices in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Singapore, UAE, ETIYA’s products and solutions have been awarded by independent organizations worldwide. 

ETIYA, grounding on the corporate values by focusing on continuous innovation and improvement, aims its employees to exceed every day. 

 If you are 

  •  an innovative 
  •  an agile 
  •  a bold DAYDREAMER   

who is willing to contribute in a leading TECHNOLOGY company, 

  • passionate about INNOVATION 
  • oriented with AGILITY 
  • fed with COURAGE 

 we are looking forward to your application! 



  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in related field is preferred. 

Experience / Technical Knowledge: 

  • A minimum of 1 year of hands on experience implementing and configuring AWS cloud environment (VPC, ELB, EC2, S3, EBS, etc.).
  • Minimum of two 2 years of experience in Linux systems administration.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Network, Compute, Storage, Cloud and End-User technologies.
  • Must be capable to provide solutions to identified systems issues.


  • Excellent command of written and spoken English 

Personal Competencies: 

  • Innovative, agile and a collaborative team player 
  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving and multi-tasking skills desired.


The successful new joiner will be a member of a strong team in local and international projects, which enables him/her to improve his/her technical and personal competencies. 

He/she will be responsible for:

  • Implement and maintain cloud-based solutions and infrastructure (AWS/ Azure/ Google Cloud).
  • Implement and manage AWS (VPC, IAM, AMI, S3, API Gateway, ELB, RDS, SQS, SNS, Cloudwatch, Route53, Transit Gateway etc.) and other cloud services.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate current and future infrastructure initiatives for the highest level of efficiency and performance.
  • Resolve and isolate complex problems involving cloud services, applications, operating systems, hardware, communications infrastructure, or any combination of these.
  • Maintain proper documentation including configuration specifics and procedures, for implementation and ongoing operation/maintenance of infrastructure solutions.
  • Provide technical support for enterprise systems. Troubleshoot, repair and recover from hardware or software failures in accordance with standard operating procedures.
  • Perform routine operational tasks, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, resources, systems, and key processes. Review system and application logs and verify completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Perform systems related maintenance such as systems rebooting, patching, backups, snapshots, health monitoring, hardware/software asset management, software distribution and systems decommissioning.
  • Serve as a key team member using existing technical knowledge and have the skills to perform specific projects independently.
  • Maintain the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability.
  • Interact with senior engineers and management to identify areas of improvement for operational efficiency.
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date baselines for the secure configuration and operations of all in-place systems.
  • Participates in on-call 24X7 support as needed in the event of system outage or failure.