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General Qualifications:

To support our team in İzmir, we are looking to recruit Project – Plant Manager.
If you are interested in for this position we would like to receive further information, please send us yourEnglish Curriculum Vitaeand covering letter, indicated your salary expectations and your earliest availability. 

  • A university degree with a focus on Civil Engineering
  • Technical and logistical understanding
  • 10+ years of experience in Plant Management
  • International organization experience is an asset
  • Proficiency in MS-Office
  • SAP ERP/SCM skills preferable
  • High level of flexibility and geographical mobility as well as willingness to frequently go on international business trips
  • Excellent command of the English language, German language is plus
  • In possession of driver´s license
  • Military service completed for male candidates


Job Description:

  •        Is entitled and obliged to make all decisions, measures and controls independently (partly together with Management of the group company), that are required to properly preform her/his tasks.
  •        Is entitled to make Disciplinary measures, arrangement of cease and disciplinary letters, remission and overtime.
  •        Is entitled to approve the hiring of employees in accordance of the budget approved by the management.
  •        Is entitled to release requisition notes according to the signature regulation, holiday requests, travel requests, travel expenses, excess hours accounts of the  subordinated employees.
  •        Information to managing director if products are non-conform.
  •        Fully responsible for the factory, production processes and employees in terms of: Compliance to the regulations, Quality, Health and Safety and Environment and “Duty of Care”.
  •        Obligation to provide information of the status of the production to Management of the group company and local country
  •        Inform the Management of the Headquarters if the products do not comply and approval of non-conform products.
  •        Meet the targets and monthly and weekly reporting.
  •        Duty of loyalty and the interests of Headquarters and local country.
  •        Implement strategies and action plans in line with the strategic vision of the company.
  •        Create conditions for the organization (existence of positive engagement and providing necessary tools) in order to meet the objectives set by management.
  •        Create conditions that contribute to a culture of continuous improvement through a systematic analysis of the root cause of problems.
  •        Create conditions for all departments to use their ability/skills as efficient as possible.
  •        Live values of the company.
  •       Follow up the contract with subcontractors (escalating)
  •       Develop plans and initiatives that minimize production costs through efficient use of Human Resources, Equipment, Materials and information and properly implement them.
  •        Manage the approved budget efficiently.
  •        Approve requisition notes conform the signature regulation.
  •        Ensure the organization and cleanliness of all areas.
  •        Continuously enforce occupational health safety indicators through the elimination or adequate protection of physical risks as well as the implementation of a safety culture among employees.
  •        Ensure efficient waste management and environmental protection measures.
  •       Create conditions for the existence of a culture of environmental awareness among employees.
  •        Ensure that the products produced meet the Standards set by the client.
  •        Planning, securing and controlling the targets and their achievement.
  •        Preform analysis and make measures if the objectives set are not achieved. 
  •        Performance reporting to the management.
  •        Regularly check of the individual work stations.
  •        Human/organizational/technical management of direct staff.
  •         Perform all tasks and projects assigned in accordance with the technical requirements of health and safety, quality, productivity, hygiene and environmental protection.
  •         Perform the tasks under the following aspects: factually correct, timely, and generous and economically.