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·        Minimum Bachelor's degree in computer science, industrial engineering, business, system analysis with related business discipline experience.

·        Analytical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.

·        Advanced proficiency in written and verbal English.

·        Strong organizational skills and ability to work independently (self-motivated, process oriented) with minimal supervision.

·        Ability to work within high-performing teams and highly collaborative to meet challenging deadlines

·        A proven track record of good customer relationship and good commercial awareness

·        A proven track record of international project management, including running a technical development team

·        The ability to translate business goals and metrics into business process outcomes and related business cases for specific projects.

·        Interested in both short-term results and long-term goals.

·        Background in root cause, bottleneck, impact and another process (not systems) analysis methods.

·        Familiar with development life cycle and project management

·        PMP

·        Terminal Operation System (TOS) Experience

·        Experience on ERP Project Implementation & Management

·        IT Audit knowledge and experience is a plus

·        Good communication skills and ability to motivate and develop co-workers

·        Demonstrable ability to pick up new ideas and technologies and implement them

·        Work effectively under pressure

·        Energetic, dynamic, responsible, proactive and confident

Job Describtion

·        Lead IT Related Projects

·        Implement, document and manage well known ERP product.

·        Define and publish IT KPI’s to demonstrate effectiveness

·        Publish weekly and monthly progress reports to top level management

·        Work closely with the Business users to design new and innovative solutions to carry the business forward to the next level

·        Work closely with the IT manager to manage 3rd party suppliers

·        Manage and optimize the system budget by sizing projects, resource estimation and cost estimation to ensure the IT function delivers at minimum cost

·        Manage service level agreements with external providers

·        Responsible for software integrations and following software development with vendors

·        Design, document and manage the integration with the customer and government systems

·        Working closely with software vendors to ensure their products meet the requirements

·        Managing the integration and testing of the solution in emulation mode prior to equipment delivery and in full 

·        Assist with the choice of underlying software Database, EDI, etc.

·        Assisting with the software choice for the TOS, GATE, Billing, VBS, all Backoffice applications, etc.

·        Once the solution is in production provide on-going second line support

·        Implement and manage the company intranet, 3rd party software

·        Comply with Fatal Risk Standards, Health & Safety Policy and safe working practices, ensure responsibility for safety and discipline in work area and report accidents and ‘near misses’ in accordance with defined safety procedures

·        Direct and drive performance management culture within the IT team ensuring that staff meet their targets in line with the business needs

·        Lead, manage and motivate the co-workers in line HR policies and procedures to ensure they deliver services in line with expectations

       Coach the IT team to improve their skills and knowledge and help them work efficiently and effectively and to manage future IT team succession planning Contribute to the continuous business improvement process and to the meeting of business objectives

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