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We have years of experience in helping patients get the best possible treatment at the best possible price by travelling to Turkey for their dental treatment. Being the largest facilitator of dental treatment in Turkey, we are committed to dental excellence, ensuring only the very best materials are sourced from across the globe. The Dental Centres are first class and located in stunning locations along the Mediterranean coast including Antalya and Fethiye.

For our operations in Antalya, DCT Solutions, we need a new team member for;

Job Description

-        Managing the daily running of the contact centre, including sourcing equipment, effective resource planning for meeting business requirements and trends,

-        Applying contact centre strategies in line with company policies to improve operational performance and ensuring employee adherence to Contact Centre procedures,

-        Setting/meeting performance targets in relation to business development, people management, efficiency, productivity, quality and cost effectiveness,

-        Liaising with supervisors, team leaders, operational managers, Human Resources Department, CEO and third parties to gather information and resolve issues,

-        Ensuring all relevant communications and data are updated and recorded for an accurate monthly management report relating to Contact Centre performance to the CEO,

-        Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and involvements in dental technology, products, dental techniques and patient expectations,

-        Ensuring the effective management of patient communications andhandling complex patient service problems to ensure a satisfactory conclusion, whilst personally handling unsatisfied patients whose issues cannot be managed by any Contact Centre personnel,

-        Developing presentations, documentation and talks to motivate and educate Contact Centre personnel and ensuring training needs are identified and actions are taken to address issues in a timely manner,

-        Ensuring Contact Centre statistics are accurate and in line with Company and Contact centre KPI’s and other important performance levels,

-        Initiating and coordinating together with the Human Resources Department, bonuses, promotions, reward and incentive schemes,

-        Coaching, motivating and retaining Contact Centre personnel in line with retention targets and communicating company developments and goals as requested and at the right time,

-        Ensuring patient satisfaction by conducting periodic surveys to demonstrate patient satisfaction levels,

-        Ensuring shift patterns and the number of personnel required to meet current demands are arranged in line with business needs,

-        Delegating tasks to Contact Centre personnel as required, providing instructions and assistance as needed and ensuring that any areas where Contact Centre personnel are non-compliant are identified and issues are resolved swiftly,

-        Ensuring Contact Centre quality assessments are fairly and accurately conducted without bias,

-        Assisting in the creation of case management records/ reports relating to daily problems and remedial actions taken,

-        Leveraging Data and insights gathered in the contact centre to recommend, influencing and implementing process improvement opportunities,

-        Analysing and communicating foreseeable risks associated with the Contact Centre performance and patient experience openly to Human Resources and CEO.

We aim to recruit the suitable candidate who is/has,


 -        Detail-oriented and possesses a solid understanding of the business and company mission, vision, core values and strategy,

-        Strong in time management, organising and multi-tasking skills,

-        Able to make sound decisions based on the evidence available and communicate to related parties,

-        Exceptional in interpersonal relations, customer service, problem-solving, verbal and written communication, sales and conflict resolution skills,

-        Able to complete tasks independently according to the order of priority and company policy,

-        Proficiency with necessary technology, including computer software, social media and other applications,

-        The ability to delegate effectively and monitor closely personnel handling,

-        A critical thinker from a non-emotional standpoint, possessing the emotional intelligence necessary to deal effectively with unsatisfied patients and colleagues,

-        Proactive in identifying the root cause of the problem and proposing realistic solutions suitable for the business,

-        The ability to lead a team emphasising excellence and company goals,

-        Result oriented with a deep understanding for openness, transparency and ethical standards.

If you share our passion for helping people and changing lives, we look forward to receiving your applications. 



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