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Acıbadem Sigorta, the only insurance company focused on health insurance, is the fastest-growing and one of the largest health insurance companies in the industry. Whilst getting stronger with effective financial structure, we are dedicated not only to incorporate our “distinctive experience” into our operations, but also develop, add value and provide strategic thought leadership to the industries we serve.
A prestigious role has arisen at our growing organization to strengthen the Human Resources team to support the design and delivery of business specific solutions for the related fields within the Company.

Beyond being a project manager extraordinaire and one of the primary architects behind organizational development, the successful candidate will continuously be engaged to projects necessitates (i)reinvention andre-imagination by customising relevant experience and know-how in line with the Company’s needs, (ii) keep asking “whys” and thinking out-of-box even for daily operations, (iii) support the initiatives to build a first-class organisation and (iv) to sustain Company’s culture as agreat place to work.
As the business leader of this field, Human Resources Professional at this role will be a digitally savvy, and a visionary change agent working collaboratively with other team members to innovate in the way the business engages with customers, partners and prospects..
  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, preferably in Industrial Engineering or (engineering-related) fields.
  • HR and organizational development, process optimization and/or project management experience in a matrix management and complex environment, as evidenced by an established record of achievement. Supervisor 5-6 years, Manager 7+ years of experience.
  • Experience on change management projects, service and process design/re-design projects (especially in HR department and/or organizational level) is an asset.
  • Demonstrated business acumen and human resource functional knowledge to be able to work independently when needed and support the development of HR strategies that will attract, develop and grow talent.
  • Ability to see opportunities / areas to improve from (i) micro-perspective on process and service enhancement level, (ii) macro-perspective on organizational development level; and to combine and switch between the two perspectives quickly, especially in integrated projects environment.
  • Strong problem solving skills focusing on not only solving the problem but also findingroot causes that will prevent the same problems occurring again
  • Comprehensive know-how on data analytics and advanced reporting skills
  • Show a clear understanding of business processes and how technology can be applied to increase efficiency in the work-done.
  • Experience in HR IT projects such as ERP development or transforming manually done works into digital processes is an asset


  • Participate and lead organizational change and development initiatives and practices related to change management and organization design that support the corporate business strategy and plan, as well as HR-related subjects such as talent management, employee engagement, leadership development
  • Responsible for identifying ways to improve efficiency of HR systems and processes, working collaboratively with other departments, especially IT & Business Development teams and support business processes enhancement throughout the company
  • Analyze the business needs in line with the company strategy to design, initiate and manage HR projects that will support these strategies and not only meet but also target to exceed the needs. Define, measure and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’) of these projects from an end-to-end perspective
  • Benchmark the leading / best practices, identify local trends and incorporate lessons learned (from previous / experienced work-done) into the projects that s/he participated and/or lead not only in HR department but also in organization-wide initiatives
  • Works with senior leaders to assess training and talent management/leadership development needs to support the continuous development of the company as a “learning environment”; and works with third party resources (when necessary) to design, develop, deliver and evaluate programs
  • Support developing an analytical approach to HR management that incorporates the use of data and metrics to measure and monitor progress.
  • Prepare effective and lean reporting for management by providing comprehensive recommendations and directions for better decision taking process
  • Take responsibilities at all HR functions and daily operation at different levels according to the business needs acting as a collaborative team member.



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Sigortacılık, Elementer, Sağlık, Hayat ve Emeklilik