Training and Performance Management Specialist AMANA FOODS GIDA ÜRÜNLERİ A.Ş.

Kocaeli(Gebze, Çayırova), İstanbul(Asya)(Tuzla)

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Manages the Group¡¦s Performance Management System. To design, develop, implement, monitor and measure performance within the Group. Advises Senior Management on the policies and procedures necessary to advance individual performance in alignment with business objectives of the Company.

Establishes and implements competency models for the various positions in the company and provides guidance to managers to assess competencies of employees.

Manages the Group¡¦s Rewards Management System. Oversees the Group¡¦s compensation & benefits programs, ensuring that the program supports the Group¡¦s mission, goals, and compensation objectives, remains compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, and serves the overall best interests of the organisation. Continually updates various compensation programs, initiatives, and services that are responsive to the Group¡¦s needs and objectives. Monitors and studies current and emerging compensation issues and trends, and prepares and presents strategic recommendations to Group Management. Supervises and administers a team of professional and support staff.

1. Researches best practices in human performance and designs and revises performance management system for the Group.

2. Analyses existing programs to determine their on-going ability to support the stated objectives.

3. Formulates, with others, a philosophy of human performance improvement for the Group. Must be able to keep this philosophy current from one year to the next.

4. Advises departments on better methods to improve departmental results.

5. Obtains appropriate certifications to acquire and administer assessment instruments and provide feedback to management.

6. Advises departments on competency-based management systems.

7. Updates framework for improving Group incentive systems.

8. Provides input to Compensation systems and their support of performance improvement.

9. Continually improves processes to develop Performance Appraisal systems.

10. Develops ideas/uses for technology, in human performance processes.

11. Designs and develops communications programs to more clearly link Group¡¦s management to performance management.

12. Establish methods to reduce turnover related to poor performance.

II. Competency Models

1. Researches and establishes Competency Models for the various positions in the organisation.

2. Designs and develops standards for competency assessment for recruitment, development and promotions of employees.

3. Implements the competency framework system within the Group and trains Managers to carry out competency assessment, determine employee development needs and provide support.

III. Reward Management

1. Oversees the daily operations of Compensation & Benefits (C&B) unit, to include job evaluation and classification, market surveying and analyses, job description development and maintenance, employment contract administration, and job and organizational audits.

2. Reviews staff C&B practices across the Group to ensure compliance with company policies, local legislation and guidelines, and best practices.

3. Provides direction and leadership to Human Resources consultants and representatives, and the Group community in the implementation of staff compensation policies, strategies, programs, and practices.

4. Monitors and evaluates effectiveness of staff C&B practices to ensure ongoing competitiveness within the job marketplace; regularly reviews and evaluates the staff pay plan, and prepares costed recommendations for market-based adjustments.

5. Oversees and monitors the annual pay review process, ensuring compliance with established parameters and timelines; prepares guidelines and business rules, analyzes program results, and prepares reports and recommendations.

6. Develops specific pay plans and strategies as needed for targeted employee groups as needed to compete with market conditions and trends, ensuring overall internal equity, consistency with Group values and policies, and compliance with local laws, regulations, and guidelines.

7. Provides leadership in and/or oversees the design, development, and implementation of major organizational classification/compensation studies with broad impact on the Group.

8. Provides leadership to the C&B unit and Group management on high-impact compensation issues; provides guidance regarding compensation practices, policy interpretation, problem resolution, and compliance with local laws.

9. Participates and/or provides leadership in the development and modification of the Group C&B policies, systems, and procedures for staff.

10. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.



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Haftaiçi 07.00 - 17.00