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As the possibilities for our AirTies Mesh technology and products continue to expand rapidly all around the world we require Embedded Hardware Design Engineers to develop products for mass production. 

A key part of the job is to design boards for deployment by Telecom operators as our customers. 

Hardware Design Engineer will be responsible for system architecture and design, leading hardware projects and communicating project status internally. Own the hardware designs from concept through production. Write functional specifications, design circuitry and drive the verification and certification of designs. 

You’ll also test and debug interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DDR, USB and validate both board designs and product. 

Other Responsibilities and Tasks 

  • Perform feasibility studies and technical investigations
  • Working with suppliers, customers, manufacturers to deliver quality solutions
  • Assist testing, troubleshooting and verification/validation activities (both board and system level)
  • Create and maintain documentation such as repair guides, verification reports and assembly instructions
  • Pre-compliance testing for various standards of EMC
  • Participate in lab development, test automation and productivity improvement initiatives
  • Working with Mechanical Engineers on implementing the PCB layout design rules and requirements
  • Support other departments with hardware related issues. 

Job Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering or equivalent, MS is desired, PhD is a plus
  • 3+ years of board level HW design/development experience
  • Analog and power electronics circuit design
  • Solid understanding of thermodynamics in electronic design
  • Hands on experience with EMC issues
  • High speed digital and RF board level design
  • Experience of commercial product development lifecycle including prototyping and mass production
  • Working knowledge of equipment including spectral/network analyzers, scopes, waveform generators/analyzers
  • Fluent with CAD tools such as ORCAD
  • Experience of multi-layer PCB layout design
  • Experience of stack up design of multi-layer PCB
  • Ability to perform board bring-up and debug
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Self-motivated and highly ambitious
  • Must possess strong written and oral communication skills in Turkish and English
  • Must demonstrate consistent (and sustainable) application of problem solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a team environment on hardware development projects with colleagues
  • Ability to accurately scope, estimate and schedule work on projects
  • Ability to meet schedule commitments on-time and error-free with minimal supervision
  • Ability to travel to Far East (max. 3 times in a year) 

Nice to Have 

  • Previous experience in consumer electronics (CPE) domain
  • Designing with interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Knowledge of PCI, PCIe and other general purpose interconnectivity busses
  • Antenna design and characterization for frequencies up to 5GHz
  • Experience in 802.11 and/or PLC technologies are big plus
  • Component database administration including creation of schematic symbol, PCB footprints, and 3D models
  • Familiarity with Design for Reliability
  • Familiarity with Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) requirements

AirTies has a zero tolerance to discrimination policy. In this regard, during the course of the evaluation of your job application and during all your employment relation, if any, all discriminatory factors such as race, sex, sexual orientation, social gender definitions/roles, colour, national or social background, ethnicity, religion, age, disablement, political opinion or any status that is protected under law shall be totally disregarded.