Snop İzmit Metal San. Tic. A.Ş.


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Beyaz Yaka : 25-49

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Snop İzmit Metal San. Tic. A.Ş.

Who is SNOP?

SNOP, is member of FSD GRUOP, is a tier one supplier in automotive industry specialized in cutting, established 2008, stamping and assembling of components used in body white, doors, openings and safety structures. Thanks to its technical advance in product industrialization, SNOP became a major actor for all main car makers.

Today, SNOP employs about 6200 people in Europe, China, Russia and Morocco for a turnover of 900 M €.

Which strategy?

Our strategy is to continuously reinforce our position towards the global car makers, support our customers in their purchasing policy, enhance the skills and expertise of our employees and increase our profitability.
Consequently, we are tending to follow our customers in their international developments.