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Kordsa’s success story begins in 1973 with Sabancı Holding’s investment in Izmit to produce tire cord fabric for tire manufacturers. Kordsa has reshaped the industry with its strong innovation-based approach and recently has entered new business lines, transferring its 44-year old tire reinforcement know-how to the construction reinforcement and composites technologies.

Initially positioned as the market leader in Turkey, Kordsa is the technology leader of tire reinforcement market thanks to its deep know-how in reinforcement materials and processes, advanced R&D efforts and open innovation culture.

Today, Kordsa reinforces 1 out of every 3 automobile tires and 2 out of every 3 aircraft tires in the world.

Kordsa, globally acclaimed as “The Reinforcer”, aims to create sustainable value for its customers, employees, shareholders and to the community it belongs to, by delivering value added and innovative reinforcement solutions.

Reinforcement technologies leader Kordsa, inaugurated Composite Technologies Center of Excellence in 2014, in cooperation with Sabancı University. The Center will bring together Sabancı University faculty members, PhD students and Kordsa employees under the same roof. Through this industry-university cooperation model, the first of its kind in Turkey, Kordsa embraces and initiates the concept of open innovation.

The year 2016 has been a year in which Kordsa has reinforced its global leadership with the awards received. It is selected as the export champion both in Turkey and Indonesia in 2016. Honored as the “Great Place to Work” in Brazil, Kordsa has also received the “Best Employee” award in Indonesia thanks to the project “Safety Experience Center”.

According to 2015 R&D Centers Performance Index by the Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, Kordsa is among the top 3 companies having the best R&D Centers and is ranked the first R&D Center in textile category for the fourth time.

Kordsa, making a record number of patent applications in 2016, has 32 inventions and 103 patent applications only in 2016. It has 458 patent applications and 142 inventions in total.

Kordsa is awarded Special Award at “Energy Efficiency in Industry” Project Competition organized annually by General Directorate of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources with its energy efficiency practices initiated within the scope of sustainability efforts.