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Crs Soft® is an international technology company that delivers high quality software solutions and services. Having experience in developing software with using state-of-the-industry technologies, we provide niche solutions and services to ISVs and enterprises who develop their own software product. By gaining valuable experiences, Crs Soft® has become a great partner for Cloud, Web Application Development or Framework Development. Beside these software services, we provide e-Transformations Services with e-dünya® brand as one of the leader integrator of Turkish e-transformations sector. e-dünya® includes services such as e-Invoice service provision, e-Invoice archival, e-Archive, e-Ledger and e-ticket which are regulated by Turkish Revenue Authority.
We are a company who focused on contributing its expertise to some of the most outstanding visions, projects and challenges of its clients. Aiming for the future vision, we continue our work on research of subjects that will drive the future of technology such as Quantum Computing Algorithms, Cryptography Algorithms, Big Data Processing, IOT and M2M.